Friday, October 16, 2009

New Discoveries

Frank Hewitt (piano, b. 1935 - d. 2002)

Frank Hewitt was born in New York. He played bop piano in the style of Bud Powell, Earl Hines and Elmo Hope. While some of you reading this may not be familiar with these names, they are true giants among jazz fans. If jazz fans remember the Living Theater film The Connection you may recognize Frank Hewitt. Frank Hewitt is one of those musicians who never got the recognition he richly deserved. A fixture on the jazz scene in New York he performed regularly (mainly at nightclub called Smalls) but never recorded album until late in his life.

He has become a major influence for fellow New York musicians including guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. Unfortunately Frank never got to see any of his albums released. He passed away shortly before the beloved club he performed at for almost a decade began releasing his albums.

These are fantastic discoveries should you choose to pick them up. While the CD's are highly coveted by New Yorkers you can download them online as well. Each of the five available albums are phenomenal and you will wonder how such a big fish stayed in the small pond for so long without being noticed. Now its time for everyone to discover Frank Hewitt anew.

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