Friday, October 30, 2009

John Abercrobmie: The Guitar Will Lead You

John Abercrombie (guitar)
Selected Recordings

John Abercrombie has recorded the most albums for the legendary ECM Records label. Most of his ECM catalog is now only available as high priced imports or selectively for download. With that in mind I wanted to recommend Selected Recordings (ECM) as a perfect introduction to one of the best guitarists in jazz. While not covering every album it does serve to give the listener a good overview of Abercrombie's delightful fusion of folk, classical, jazz electronic atmospherics and styles from both the West and East. Abercrombie's albums are very understated, leaving you to enjoy the beauty and effectiveness of the musicians and sound which they are creating.

Selected Recordings includes 10 tracks chosen by the musician himself. Most of the time this would leave the diehard fan scratching their head due to the choices. Not so on this collection. John Abercrombie has made the delicate balance of fan favourites, necessities and under-appreciated work seamlessly. For those who have only heard the name John Abercrombie and don't understand why there are so many records with his name on it, this is a great place to start. For anyone looking for lush, understated but inventive guitar dynamics Selected Recordings should definitely be your first choice.

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