Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kasper Tom 5: Ost Bingo Skruer

Kasper Tom 5
Ost Bingo Skruer (Barefoot Records; 2013)
Kasper Tom (drums)
Rudi Mahall (clarinet)
Jens Mikkel Madsen (bass)
Tomasz Dabrowski (trumpet)
Petter Hangsel (trombone)

I have enjoyed recent releases from Danish drummer, Kasper Tom--most notably his work with Fusk. On his latest project, the Kasper Tom 5 and their debut Os Bingo Skruer, Tom shows again an excellent sense of diversity and creativity.

Ost Bingo Skruer is fun and widely expansive. At times the horn based quintet resembles a dream meeting of The Vandermark 5 and Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The opener, "Doner macht schoner" embodies some odd arrangements and structures but somehow floats into a very catchy groove enhanced by Mikkel Madsen's infectious plucking.

"Kusk" opens with some quiet yet free moving lines from Tom as each member slows joins in. Mahall's playing stands out here as the clarinet becomes the main focus in the earlier stages. Then Mahall shares sublime exchanges with Dabrowski and Hangsel.

"Everything All The Time" is a great display of the quintet's expansive sound as they improvise and cut a blistering patten that turns inward in its final chords but strikes a lasting response in the listeners consciousness. "Parat Krabat" closes out a very dynamic session date with surprisingly hard bop traditional influences on display. A great way to end a complex yet captivating date.

Kasper Tom as shown himself again as a bold and resourceful composer who can gather the musicians into a challenging situation and produce some material of wonder and fresh exuberance. Ost Bingo Skruer is a great record that challenges conventions but is also rich and fun to experience.