Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tomasz Dabrowski & Tyshawn Sorey: Steps

Tomasz Dabrowski (trumpet)
Tyshawn Sorey (drums, piano)
Steps (For-Tune Records; 2013)

An awesome collaboration from two rising creative talents on the jazz scene, Tyshawn Sorey and Tomasz Dabrowski. Steps is a really exhilarating session that is expansive in its ideas as it is in it's performances.

Originating from linear structured material, Steps weaves a beautiful course between it's detailed outline and it's subtle improvised moments. "Song 8," features a rampage of consecutive notes from both musicians. Sorey's rolling dash across the kit and Dabrowski with blistering pacing eventually evens out into modular groove towards the final movement. But its really the consistency of their notes that I felt was the most captivating measures of the piece.

You know, it had taken me a long time to write this piece as I was so engrossed with the intricacies of the Dabrowski and Sorey subtle movements with each note. This evident on "Song 6 (steps)" and "Song 3" both have some wonderful counter-movements that sound funkier and avant garde at the same time. Dabrowski's tones are sometimes reminiscent of Don Cherry at his peak. But Dabrowski is really coming into his own with a variety of stylistic approaches on each record. While Sorey seems to grow, absorb and spread influential techniques and thoughts with each session and musician he records with.

Steps is a great exploration in rhythms, patterns and free thought. Both Sorey and Dabrowski are shinning new light on the duo setting as well their ability to generate new and interesting material both separately and in collaboration. A highly rewarding session and deserve continued and deep listening.