Thursday, October 1, 2009

Melody Gardot: The Next Big Thing?

Melody Gardot (vocal)

I have to admit when I first heard about Melody Gardot I was really excited. Finally, a vocalist that could compete with Norah Jones--excellent. The first album, Worrisome Heart (Verve Records) while enticing for its freshness compared to everything else at the time--felt a little underwhelming. I guess my expectations were too high. This year brought the follow up My One And Only Thrill (Verve Records). It took a few listens but now it's finally won me over.

My One And Only Thrill is a jazz record, unlike Norah Jones which to me, is really a pop record dressed up as a jazz record. Melody Gardot will never convince the jazz stalwarts of her credentials but My One And Only Thrill is a steady and stronger statement than its predecessor. The songs are well written (most by Gardot herself) and she is backed on most of the numbers by a big band which does compliment her rich sultry voice. Tracks like "Baby I'm A Fool" and the title track bring the term "late night cocktail" to mind. But I would say, after you dig deeper into this album you will definitely be listening to this record day and night, weekend after weekend.

Melody Gardot has been compared to Joni Mitchell at times which I would agree. Her lyrics and vocal styling while introspective also utilize jazz as the launching pad. Melody Gardot may not reach the same notoriety as Norah Jones but I do think she is someone you should give a chance and look out--the third album may be the charm.

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