Thursday, August 2, 2012

Steve Davis: Gettin' It Done

Steve Davis (trombone)
Gettin' It Done (Posi-Tone; 2012)
Mike DiRubbo (sax)
Larry Willis (piano)
Josh Bruneau (trumpet)
Billy Williams (drums)
Nat Reeves (bass)

The interlude between One For All albums seems to be getting wider and wider lately. Steve Davis being one of the founder members of that exciting sextet. But that gaps tends to bring out the best in each members own bands in which they are the leader. Davis returns with his newest release, Gettin' It Done, a fabulous session which sees the trombonist in killer form.

Gettin' It Done features a few regulars to Davis' sessions, including Nat Reeves, Larry Willis and Mike DiRubbo. The title track fuses the best elements of Davis' arsenal, fierce commitment to each other and solid composition. It's modern hard bop at its finest. This is a cracker of piece with Willis, DiRubbo, Bruneau and Davis moving a blistering pace.

"Steppin' Easy" and "Alike" really highlight the horns with DiRubbo and Bruneau having superb exchanges with the leader. But also Davis allows them the space to solo and even more of a personality to numbers that already shine brightly. "Alike" being the loveliest and most personal.

The funky groove of "The Beacon" is something a little different from Davis' solo work. Reeves adds a catchy bassline that leads through. Meanwhile, Willis and Davis layer that groove with some rhythms that make this an irresistible number.

"Wishes" is a playful mid-tempo piece where Davis really shines and his sound fills the room like one of his mentors, Curtis Fuller. Davis' again gives the floor to DiRubbo who rattles off some soft but boldly shaped notes. After a short passage from Bruneau the rest of band return a glide the number to conclusion.

This is the first time Steve Davis has worked with all of these members as one unit. And he delivers another quality outing with Gettin' It Done. This is a solid group that hopefully they can tour together because they sound superb as a unit. And while we wait for the next One For All release, Gettin' It Done is a great waiting point. Enjoy...

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