Monday, August 13, 2012

Marek Jakubowicz: Feelings

Marek Jakubowicz (guitar)
Feelings (Multikulti; 2012)
Marcin Oles (bass)
Cecylia Matysik-Ignys (harp)
Axmo (vocal)

With a lovely and highly passionate tone, Polish guitarist, Marek Jakubowicz delivers an album of straightforward themes in Feelings.

With qualities that remind me of Martin Taylor, Ottmar Liebert, Pat Metheny and Paco De Lucia, Jakubowicz aptly moves between Brazilian, classical and light modern jazz with ease. A gentle and easy session that is enjoyable on multiple levels.

Two bewitching pieces open Feelings, "Before You Were Born" and "Behind The Scene" with colourful shades of classical and jazz introspection. "Before You Were Born" has the feel of time passing. It's a journey through the opening of life and the path we decide to choose. The piece is punctuated by Matysik-Ignys sweet exchanges with Jakubowicz. While "Behind The Scene" explores a more romantic jazz tone as the versitile Oles bends the bass and Jakubowicz find affectionate tones that transform this above just a standard piece.

The title track is perfectly executed with Oles and Axmo adding hauntingly beautiful lines and lyrics that compliment the guitarist rich notes. Axmo's voice is raspy and echoes like Enya but sits nicely among Jakubowicz's composition. "Si Ceng Xiang Shi" is a ballad with Asian Pacific character that arches high thanks to Axmo vocals. "Travel Memories" closes this session in elegant form. Very tight passages by Oles and Jakubowicz that are pristine and well focused.

Marek Jakubowicz makes a very, very surprisingly beautiful record from a diverse avenue of themes. He shows he is incredibly capable in a variety of styles. Feelings is an album that slows creeps up on you. You may not get it on the first listen but I'm pretty sure you will be enchanted by the second spin. Enjoy...

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