Monday, May 21, 2012

McPhee & Haker-Flaten: Brooklyn DNA

Joe McPhee (sax, trumpet)
Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten (bass)
Brooklyn DNA (Clean Feed; 2012)

Revolving around the organic energy of Brooklyn (a borough of New York City), Joe McPhee and Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten create a work that is inspired by their surroundings as well as their jazz forefathers. Brooklyn DNA is one of those shining beacons that helps others see the vibrancy and diversity of New York free form scene.

"Crossing The Bridge" and "Spirit Cry" quietly bring the listener into the spacious and inventive quarters of these renown musicians. A playful march with beautiful intersecting lines by McPhee that connect the two opening pieces with crisp fluidity. Haker-Flaten's bass lines, while improvised, are subtle but matches McPhee chords with every step.

The ballad "Blue Coronet," dedicated to the famous jazz club of the '60s, is a late night walk on the streets, feeling the vibe of the neighborhood and how it influences your sound and vision. "Here And Now" is the perfect conclusion to this journey. A number that embodies the jazz scene today while still reflective of the traditions it's built on. Calm improvisational chords by both musicians bold lines and immediacy as the piece reaches its latter stages.

Brooklyn DNA is not just a travelogue through the boroughs great jazz history, its a document of the quiet brilliance of two intercontinental musicians. Highly Recommended.

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