Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Intersection: Sobura

The Intersection is an ongoing feature on JazzWrap that looks at artists that have blended jazz and electronica in new and highly creative ways.

Sobura (drums, electronics)
Organic Lo-Fi (U Know Me Records; 2012)

Jazztronica is always a hard sub genre for my friends to grasp. It's one of the natural extensions for the newer generation of musicians. Moving technology into the schematics of jazz to create new sounds and thoughts is just part of musical evolution.

That concept has been present in European jazz for the last two decades and one of the newest talents to utilize these themes is Wojtek Sobura

On the Polish drummers debut, Organic Lo-Fi, he fills the speakers with pulsating trip hop beats, ethereal electronics and rolling drum patterns that create a surrealistic and infectious world view.

"Blue Rooms" starts off in a romantic rhythm that almost reminded me of Martin Denny before slipping into more slow funky drummer beat pattern. There are recurring looped piano notes and electronic tones that add an ambient quality to the piece that will bolster your mood and hold your attention.

"Psycho" feels like your head has been shoved into a toilet during a pub fight. Bubbling repetitive beats that still present a sense of experimentation and excitement that you just don't get on the American shores. "Turkey" has this scary cinematic sci-fi vibe that got me thinking about Japanese monster movies (I've also been watching a lot of Japanese monster movies lately. So go figure...). The electronic manipulation Sobura demonstrates here is probably the most adventurous on the album. It's loud, chaotic and dominating. Big beats like a Roots Manuva instrumental track. "Turkey" is arguably my favourite track on the album right now.

"Bells" closes out this groovy little adventure. No letting up here by Sobura. It's a heavy tone that features some nice effects and drum loops. Short (just under 3 minutes), but it leaves the lasting impression that Organic Lo-Fi is a rich and well balance affair.

Wojtek Sobura has a very specific way of playing that maintains focus and becomes enveloping. It is the compositions that he has written that really are the driving force on Organic Lo-Fi. They are captivating and indicative of an artist wanting to explore new sounds and directions. A very impressive debut that is worth seeking out.

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