Monday, June 29, 2009

Jazz and The Bear Comes Home

Rafi Zabor The Bear Comes Home

There have been many novels that reference jazz songs or musicians. But there are few novels that are based in jazz. Rafi Zabor's (so far only) 1997 novel The Bear Comes Home is one of those rare novels. It circles around the main character rightly named, Bear, who is an alto sax perfectionist.

The story follows Bear through his life striving to emulate John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins. He also struggles with his own demons and relationships just like us humans do. The story is compelling, touching, thoughtful, loving and inspiring for us all. While based in jazz it is an easy story to digest and you will fall in love with Bear--no doubt about it.

The Bear Comes Home was a national best seller upon its release in 1997. I always hoped that Rafi Zabor would write another novel but it has since not appeared. I highly recommend this book which after twelve years is still available at your local bookstore and online.


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