Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Downloads For The Weekend

I am not a fan of downloading one song but I thought some people would enjoy a quick list of songs that would be great for your weekend activities. Also, this a good way to decide if you really want to buy the whole album. Which in this case I highly recommend you purchase the full album the first chance you get.

Just to make it more fun I put them in a sequence I thought might be enjoyable for you. It's a nice mixture of classics and current artists.

If you try any of these out please let me know what you think.

1) Miles Davis: So What from Kind Of Blue
2) Branford Marsalis: Cain and Abel from The Steep Anthology
3) Stacey Kent: Let Yourself Go from Let Yourself Go
4) Charles Mingus: Better Get It In Your Soul from Mingus Ah Um
5) Dave Brubeck: Blue Rondo Ala Turk from Take Five
6) Pat Metheny: Day Trip from Day Trip
7) John Coltrane: Bass Blues from Traneing In
8) Claire Martin: Riverman from Take My Heart
9) Roy Hargrove: Strasbourg from Earfood
10) Thelonious Monk: Nutty from The Columbia Years

Happy Listening...

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