Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1982: A/B

1982 (trio)
A/B (Hubro Music; 2014)
Nils Okland (violin, fiddle)
Sigbjorn Appland (harmonium, piano)
Oyvind Skarbo (drums)

Fredrik Ljungkvist (clarinet),
Erik Johannessen (trombone)
Sofya Dudaeva (flute)
Matthias Wallin (sax)
Hanne Liland Rekdal (bassoon)
Stian Omenas (conductor)

You know when you stumble into that artist or group that seems to do no wrong with each release? Well, 1982 are that group. A/B is another sold chamber masterpiece deserving every minute of your attention. With the addition of writing material for a much large ensemble 1982 have enlisted a strong cast to help re-develop and expand on their vision.

Track 1, "18.06" is a shimming work of cinematic orchestration which is both beautiful, and extremely engaging. Rich in bassoon tones and bombastic drum patterns provide an exciting new glimpse of 1982 that we have not heard to this point in their history.

Delving deeper and broader in scope with A/B, the trio have develop an atmospheric tone reminiscent of Michael Brook and Jon Hassell. The second half of the session features percussive elements wrapped in the soft coils of the wind ensemble that handles each of the remaining piece with delicacy.

A/B is melodic and emotionally effective. A solid re-imagination for 1982. And probably the best the record to date. Yes, at this point they seem be able to do whatever they want with their compositions and instrumentation. Highly Recommended.

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