Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dorge/Sorey/Westegaard: Like Salamanders We Survive

Pierre Dorge (guitar)
Tyshawn Sorey (drums, piano)
Torben Westergaard (bass)
Like Salamanders We Survive (Gateway Music; 2014)

What happens when a trio just sits down in the studio and say to each other--"just play." A daring and sprawling accomplishment results. That's what Dorge, Sorey and Westergaard have done with Like Salamanders We Survive. This is an improvised session which comes off as very well structured and devised. But that's because these musicians are veterans at their craft.

The movements through Salamanders are effortless but also engrossing for listener. "Homage To Dragoman" is beautifully laid out. With spare line and slightly atmospheric effects from both Sorey and Dorge. While Westergaard adds a haunted bassline that crawls throughout the piece.

The trio present an number of divergent themes throughout the session. On "Who Am I To Play?," Sorey shows his unique and distinct talent at the drums. A kit that clatters and calms at all the right moments. While his bandmates counter with wonderfully synchronized patterns that go from frenetic to funky. At times reminding me of a mixture of Naked City meets Headhunters. Just beautifully creative stuff.

"Speaking Of Which" a dark and introspective piece with Eastern influences showcases a softer side during this session. It's dream-like in its approach and the trio still add a number of improvised passages to keep the listener's ears challenged.

Like Salamanders We Survive is a brilliant work that needs to absorbed in multiple listening sessions. I found myself coming back to particular tracks over and over. Constantly I found myself missing something. That's when you know you found a great record for your collection.

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