Monday, July 8, 2013

Tomasz Dabrowski: Tom Trio

Tomasz Dabrowski (trumpet) 
Tom Trio (Ilk; 2013)
Nils Bo Davidsen (bass)
Anders Mogensen (drums)

I first came across Tomasz Dabrowski's work as a member of Tomasz Licack's brilliant albums, Quintet and Trouble Hunting. Now Dabrowski has released his first trio album, Tom Trio that delivers with intensity and very creative agility.

While this is his first album as leader, his work as sideman has definitely helped in building his voice and ideas. It all comes together beautifully on Tom Trio. "7 Days To Go" has a slow melodic build that reminds me of some of Nate Wooley work. It's a narrative that scales gently, added by the precise brush treatment from Mogensen.

"Wave" has a fantastic multi-layered rhythm as laid out Mogensen. Both Davidsen and Mogensen are giving the reins to run ramped, so-to-speak. The result is a nice convergence of blistering trumpet work from Dabrowski with succinct slicing and calculation from bandmates. This culminates with some terrific improvised sections towards the closing moments of the piece.

"European 46" shows Davidsen alongside Dabrowski in a groovier setting. The piece is probably the most infectious number of the session but still holds creative strategy of the overall artist vision. "This Way Up" is a whole lot of fun. Led by the driving thumbing of Davidsen, the piece soon turns into a nice bit of hard bop. The exchanges between Dabrowski and Davidsen are superb and infectious.

Tomasz Dabrowski has crafted a brilliant debut with Tom Trio. It's rich in diversity and powerful in its execution. This is one of those albums that you must seek out - now!

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