Monday, March 25, 2013

Zero Centigrade: Selce

Zero Centigrade (duo)
Selce (Nothing Out There Music; 2012)
Tonino Taiuti (guitars)
Vincenzo de Luce (trumpet; electronics)

Zero Centigrade has always been a duo pushing boundaries and corrupting perception. Selce, finds the duo with another unique task--pulling their minimalistic approach even further backwards. And in essence, exploding the theory of what "genre" should be.

"Blue Dress" mixes a two note chord with sound collages and electronics that at first sound like tuning to find the journey. But as the piece moves forward you realize this tuning is the journey. It's a path to find what can come next in this improvisational structure. It's gentle and well crafted with new sound emerging every few minutes.

"Dougmouth" and "Selce" both ride a folkish, country theme hidden behind dense echo chambers of sound that reverberate from Taiuti's guitar. DeLuce's electronics and distant trumpet line the atmospherics in both pieces giving them an other-worldly tone and keeping the listeners interest peaked. With "The Far Road" Taiuti and DeLuce stretch the notes as far as the can go, utilizing as much space as possible. Found effects come into the forefront later in the piece only to accentuate the notes.

Zero Centigrade is all about exploring new territory. Sitting back and experiencing each movement for how it can transform is the best way to evaluate Selce. It is an album that has surprises with every listen. And once again Zero Centigrade pull off another fabulous experiment in sound.

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