Monday, November 5, 2012

1982+BJ Cole

1982 (trio)
1982+BJ Cole (Hubro Music; 2012)
Nils Okland (violin, fiddle)
Sigbjorn Appland (harmonium)
Oyvind Skarbo (drums)
BJ Cole (pedal steel guitar)

The trio 1982 formed through various collaborations and duo sessions each of the members has previously done is now what appears to be a fully functional and consistent trio. Their style weaves between atmospheric, minimal and classical chamber trios. 1982 is all about the structure of sound, creating the image for the listener. This is enhanced by the absence of song titles.

On their newest release, they are joined by pedal guitarist, BJ Cole for the simply titled, 1982+BJ Cole. Cole's addition gives the trio a more dynamic and expansive structure. The first two pieces "9:03" and "4:22", both illustrate a new, full vision for the group. "9:03" inhabits the similar ethereal nature the group constructed over its previous two albums with shifting patterns and harmonics that are breath-taking and enchanting. "4:22" is a nice balance of experimentalism and Cole's swirling sense of lonesome guitar.

"5:21" is touching, with Okland and Skarbo standing out with excellent repetitive lines and calculated percussion. This is augmented wonderfully by Cole and Appland, creating a lovely and steadied melody. "4:00" emotes a minimalism that is reminiscent of Steve Reich. It reverberates in a humble and subtle fashion that becomes more beautiful as the piece moves forward.

Again, 1982 has put together a brilliant set of soundscapes that are magnificent to hear but also intriguing once you dig deeper into it on repeated spins. This collaboration with BJ Cole only highlights the skill of this trio once more. Another strong reason why 1982 is one of those unheard groups that needs to be heard. A real must have album. And a highly recommended one from me. And one of my albums of the year!

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