Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interstatic & Metallic Taste Of Blood

Interstatic (trio)
Interstatic (Rare Noise Records; 2012)
Jarle Vespestad (drums)
Jacob Young (guitar)
Roy Powell (organ)

Metallic Taste Of Blood (quartet)
Metallic Taste Of Blood (Rare Noise Records; 2012)
Eraldo Bernocchi (guitars)
Colin Edwin (bass)
Jamie Saft (piano)
Balazs Pandi (drums)

Two very interesting and very different records from future fusion label, RareNoise, to talk about today. First, a lovely post-modern piece from the trio Interstatic. Then a real slice of grinding and pulsating rhythms delivered by the quartet, Metallic Taste Of Blood.

Keeping in a very similar tone as their debut, Anthem, Interstatic have delivered a delicate and enchanting self titled second effort that will resonant with fusion fans. Jacob Young seems very loose and inspired in this more free arrangement of sound. Vespestad is a bit more reserved but sound excellent as always. This seems to be the nature of this trio which provides a mellow shade of joy, reminiscent of early John McLaughlin's works.

"Stills" and "First Vision" both open the window for the listener, into a gentle almost folkish journey with swirls of psychedelia as layered by Powell's organ. "Elevrum Incident" is where this trio really rock out and sound like some of the best fusion of '70s. It's tight, crisp, funky while still maintaining a clever jazz unity. A rewarding second effort that builds on Interstatic debut.

Moving in a slightly different direction, Metallic Taste Of Blood, debut with a self-titled release that is exciting not only for a rich sense of ideas but also its solid musicianship. Featuring members from diverse sonic backgrounds (Merbow, Masada, Porcupine Tree, and ambient collaborations), Metallic Taste Of Blood is big of sound. The use of echoing effects and an all-out purpose of grandeur makes tracks like "Sectile" and "Schizopolis" powerful statements that have to be heard over and over. 

"Schizopolis" is a monster tune that features funky and pounding drum lines, quirky keyboards and insane guitar riffs that might make Robert Fripp smile. "Bioplar" somehow blend the ethereal aspects of Bernocchi has done with Robin Guthrie with the wall of sound of Metallica, creating a beautifully harmonic piece. "Transverse" perfectly closes this album on a cinematic tone. It's not as forceful as it proceeding numbers and has just the right blend of ambient textures.

Two stellar releases with different angles to enjoy. Interstatic with a really well balanced and advanced second effort of folkish fusion. And then the avant-rock of Metallic Taste Of Blood that combines a host of rock ideas into a other-worldly affair. Two releases well worth seeking out.

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