Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best Albums Of 2010: Soil & Pimp Sessions

Over the next two weeks JazzWrap revisits our favourite albums of 2010.

Soil & Pimp Sessions (group; formed 2003)
6 (Brownswood Records)

Shacho ("agitator")
Tabu Zombie (trumpet)
Motoharu (sax)
Josei (keyboards)
Akita Goldman (double bass)
Midorin (drums)

Soil & Pimp Sessions have done their fair share of DJing and guest billing on other albums for the last few years. In addition, they have pulled off an amazing feat in today's music world, of releasing five albums since their formation in 2003.

The Japanese "Death Jazz" (their term, not ours) sextet, returned with their sixth album this year. Aptly titled 6, was a raucous and relentless release with buzz saw crowd pleasers like "Papa's Got A Brand New PigBag," "Pop Korn" and "Quartz and Chronometer" blazing the way to the dancefloor.

But the group has grown into more than just a consistent source of dance heavy tunes. They have managed to turn on the lovelight with the midtempo stomp of "My Foolish Heart" and "Double Time." The bands constant touring globally has sharpened their influences more so now than on their previous records.

6 spreads the themes around with tinges of Latin funk on "Paraiso" and soulful grooves of both "Mirror Boy" and a second version of "My Foolish Heart." British semi-pop superstar, Jamie Cullim sits in on "Stolen Moments" surprising recreating Mark Murphy but it works.

If it always sounds like a good time on Soil & Pimp Sessions records, its because they try to recorded everything live in the club. That's no different here. You get the feeling of party and you have the feeling its never gonna stop.

Soil & Pimp Sessions have remained in the "underground' for far too long. This is by far their best and most cohesive album to date and well worth seeking out. 6 is a party album, no doubt about it. But its the kind of album that will also have you stopping in your tracks to listen to "that" song again...and again...and again.

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