Friday, September 24, 2010

Steve Tibbetts: Natural Causes

Steve Tibbetts (guitar; b. 1954)
Natural Causes (ECM; 2010)

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Steve Tibbetts is rare among the jazz/world music artists. He has been able to meld the two genres beautifully into this recordings. While his recording output seems infrequent (Natural Causes being his first in eight years) when he does release an album you stand up and take notice. Tibbetts is a native of Minnesota. This northern Midwesterner seems to have the same minimalist nature in his music that fellow Scandinavian jazz music posses.

Natural Causes (his 13 album overall) has stunning rhythmic elements wrapped in truly a world of adventure. Tibbetts guitar fret-work has always been seamless and his mastery of Eastern and Western cultures runs throughout Natural Causes. With undulating guitars and gently pulsating gongs added by longtime collaborator, Marc Anderson on drums give this record immense depth. Tracks like "Attasha," "Chandorga," "Lakshmivana" and "Lament" illustrate a beauty that for some might be reminiscent of David Sylvian's instrumental work on Gone To Earth.

Steve Tibbetts mainly works with 12 string guitar but his manner of playing is breathtaking and gives unique quality and ethereal beauty that many contemporaries cannot match. For anyone not familiar with Steve Tibbetts work, Natural Causes is a great place to start.

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