Friday, May 7, 2010

The Library: The New/Old Experience

The New York Public Library

With the weekend upon us I thought I would mention a great new experience which really is the old experience from our childhood.

With the rise of the Internet and downloading (legal and illegal) and the demise of the record store, it's become really hard for music lovers to find and enjoy music. Now I'm not a fan of illegally downloading music but I know a lot of people who are. So I wanted to talk about my new discovery from some of those records that people new to jazz might still be a little hesitant to buy or even download. My new experience is really and old experience--The Public Library. Yeah, I know...who wouldn't thought that!?!

So I've been going to the public library that's near my home for about 4 months now. I have to say its been great. Now you would be surprised by what the library actually as far as music is concerned. Now the library won't have the Woody Shaw boxed set but they will have Miles Davis Kind Of Blue and Dave Brubeck Time Out and a number of other big name classic jazz albums. You may also be surprised because you may even find brand new releases if you lucky.

One afternoon I stopped in at the library just to see what music they had and I stumbled upon some nice jazz albums (most of which I already owned) but it got me thinking. This is the perfect opportunity for those of you who are starting a jazz collection or you just want learn some more about jazz without having to purchase or download them. Plus it gives you an opportunity to support your community by joining the library and finding books for yourself as well the family and some music.

I personally found the entire Led Zeppelin catalog at the library and uploaded it to my iPod. Now I already owned two Zeppelin albums and a compilation. I've always wanted to pick up the boxed set that came out a few years ago but just didn't have the money. This turned out to be a great way to satisfy my need and I'm very happy for it.Now believe me, the selection is extremely limited but you can stumble into a lot suprising stuff.
Blossom Dearie, whom I will write about in a few more entries, is one of the best and under-rated female vocalist ever. I found a couple of her CDs that are pretty hard to find and that made my day.

The whole experience of rediscovering the library has been incredibly eye opening. I highly suggest that everyone wherever you are across the world, if you have a library please, please, please try to check it out and ask for where the music department is. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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