Friday, March 5, 2010

The Necks: Silverwater & New York Download

The Necks (group)
Silverwater (ReR)
Chris Abrahams (piano)
Lloyd Swanton (drums)
Tony Buck (bass)

Just over a month ago Australian jazz band, The Necks performed in Brooklyn, NY. JazzWrap were there and it was an amazing show. It was in support of the recent release Silverwater (ReR). It is just over an hour over aural bliss. Ironic considering that Silverwater is the location of the maximum prision outside of Sydney. But could also compliment the struggle of bliss and cacophony that one may face when left to your demons and angels. Silverwater features The Necks trademark slow building motifs surrounded by incidental atmospherics crafted from some very imaginative use of acoustic instruments.

The first 15 minutes revolve around the wonderful interplay between drummer, Lloyd Swanton and bassist, Tony Buck, as they set the rhythmic tone of the recording. Pianist, Chris Abrahams while plucking away gently in the background during the beginning of the piece, comes forefront around the 30 minute mark and band begin their surge into a hypnotic groove for the remainder of outing. The band even use some guitar textures throughout (I think).

Silverwater closes slowly with some intense percussion work from Buck. There is also the unique manipulation of piano and drums from Abrahams and Buck toward the end that constantly leaves me wondering how they manage to do that. The layer of instrumentation here is mystifying and makes for a wonderful sonic experience.

Silverwater is one of The Necks most fully realized studio albums and is the perfect follow up to accessible Chemist from 2006. For those with deep appreciation of the earlier work from The Orb and Brian Eno, The Necks are definitely something for you to check out.

If you are still on the fence (which I hope you aren''t) check out the FREE DOWNLOAD of the Brooklyn performance at the The Necks official site. Experience for yourself an unbelievable evening from one the best kept secrets in jazz. And then seek out Silverwater.

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