Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kurt Rosenwinkel: Reflections

Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar, b. 1970)

Hi everybody, really under the weather this week, so entries may be a little sporadic and brief. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be back to normal.

Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of my favourite artist of the last ten years. One of the few guitarist who writes and records his own material. Rosenwinkel first came to prominence in the mid-nineties with the trio Human Feel. Rosenwinkel's style is sometimes reminiscent to that of fellow guitarist, Marc Ribot. The Human Feel records are pretty hard to find but they show a band and a guitarist that are working on through highly inventive and organic material. You may not be able to find the physical CDs but I have seen available for download and their three albums are definitely worth checking out. He also did an early stint with vibraphonist, Gary Burton in the early nineties as well. Kurt Rosenwinkel has since recorded eight studio albums.

His most recent, Reflections (Word Of Mouth Music) is a beautiful trio record that continues to show his growth as an exceptional artists. This is definitely a more relaxed and emotionally touching album than his previous recordings which have featured everything from hip hop grooves to slight avant garde experiments. The album is mainly covers with one self written piece ("East Coast Love Affair") which actually featured on his very first album by the same name. Reflections is a down to earth and strikingly effective album with grace and creativity from an artist who continually seems to be ahead of the curve.

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