Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Jazz Albums Of 2009: Portico Quartet

Best Albums Of 2009
Each day until the end of the year we will discuss the albums that have been on repeat on our stereo for the past 12 months (in no particular order).

Portico Quartet
(RealWorld Music)

Portico Quartet have created a rousing and hypnotic second album, Isla, that combines their love of African rhtyms and distinct musicianship into a haunting yet beautiful opus. Where there 2007 debut clearly showed their influences (Steve Riech, Coltrane, et al), Isla has taken a leap forward with deep concentration of song structure and the balance of each musicians contribution. Atmospheric, emotional, rich and delicate--all quite comfortable and appropriate words for this album but Isla demonstrats so much more. On tracks like the opener, "Paper Scissors Store" "Dawn Patrol" and "Line" show a quartet that definitely loves what they do and are looking forward to what comes next. Very few bands today can create such an ethereal element throughout an entire album and still leave you wanting more. Portico Quartet have done just that.

For those who've enjoy E.S.T. over the last decade, Portico Quartet might be a good alternative to follow and they will be addicting. Isla is an expensive import CD but you can find it for download for a little less.

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