Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jason Moran: Pushing Jazz Forward

Jason Moran (piano; 1975)

Born in Houston and a well studied disciple of the great legendary, Andrew Hill, Jason Moran is one of my favorite of all time. I truly believe like Dave Douglas is to the trumpet, and David S. Ware is to the saxophone, that Jason Moran is to the piano and is one of the few forward thinking musicians who is pushing jazz in new directions.

Jason Moran's style is inventive, melodic and thought-provoking. He has recorded seven albums for Blue Note. The most acclaimed as well as my favorite is
Modernistic (Blue Note) is an album that challenges everything jazz is about. Encompassing elements of jazz, electronica and classical with outstanding ease.

Unlike many of my favorites Jason does tour regularly so you should take the opportunity to see him if he comes to your town. A real visionary at piano, Jason Moran not only has been compared to his mentor, Andrew Hill, but also the enigmatic Thelonious Monk - high praise, but spot on.

A real experience as you search for new jazz to listen to, every one of his albums are worth the purchase.

Live In Brasil:

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