Monday, January 6, 2014

The Impossible

The Impossible (trio)
The Impossible (self-produced; 2013)
Mitch Green (bass)
Sam O'Brien (sax)
Tony Irving (drums)

The Impossible are a Brisbane based trio that reflect the influences of might be Coxhill, Brotzmmann and more recent, The Thing or Vandermark 5 and Sonic Youth (with whom drummer, Tony Irving as played with in the past). But where those compassion lay, is also jumping off point for more creativity. 

Their self produced debut is filled with two extended pieces record live, The Impossible show the audience at this live gig and you the listener, that there can be surprises around ever corner and ever note.

"Ignition" drives around on the heavy interaction between Irving and Green. The exchange of phrasing and complements is swift and fierce. It's a hard tone but beautifully placed along side the rhythmic lines that O'Brien gently adds just underneath the chaos.

"The Unanswered Question" sees O'Brien rising in the mix with Irving acting as the counter foil. The piece is calculating and intense. It requires a delicate patience as each chord and notes starts to fall into place and then midway through is completely broken apart by O'Brien and Irving. A battle that is engrossing and lovely all at once. This rotates and slowly works its way to calm, relaxed conclusion to the evening.

A very intriguing debut from The Impossible. While this live evening was long on song. It was short of the amount of tracks. But it does give us the potential of what this trio can do once in the studio. Definitely an album worth your money and band to look out for going forward.

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