Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Susana Santos Silva & Torbjorn Zetterberg: Almost Tomorrow

Susana Santos Silva (trumpet)
Torbjorn Zetterberg (bass)
Almost Tomorrow (Clean Feed; 2013)

The meeting between Santos Silva and Zetterberg is something I wouldn't have even thought about a few months ago. But in listening to their recordings both with Svenka Kaput and Lama, the desire for experimentation should have seemed obvious.

So Almost Tomorrow is the perfect bridge between to the groups and excellent collaboration of two emerging talents in the European scene.

Santos' playing is becoming more bold and creative with each release. She brings a rich spirit of ideas that for me, is reminiscent of Joe Mcphee. Zetterberg has been fearless on the bass; and is also growing in stature with each performance.

These ideas and brashness are played out on tunes like the "Columbus Arrival In Har jedalen." With its interesting blend of blues-like tones and Portuguese flavouring, "Columbus..." is absorbing and adventurous to mind and ear.

"Almost Tomorrow" opens with a heavy solo from Zetterberg as Santos joins in the tune floats between folk and experimental with ease. Both musicians exerting strong and very well placed extend passages.

"Notskalmusik #6" is possibly the most accessible piece on the album. A short but emotional ballad led mainly by Santos, with Zetterberg adding soft touches around the edges.

Almost Tomorrow is a beautiful session that may have come out of the blue but it's perfect timing for all of us. A great steady, detailed listen and rewarding with every note. Highly Recommended.

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