Saturday, April 14, 2012

Plaistow: Lacrimosa

Plaistow (trio)
Lacrimosa (Insubordinations Netlabel; 2012)
Cyril Bondi (drums)
Johann Bourguenez (piano)
Raphael Ortis (bass)

Swiss trio, Plaistow have only been on the scene since 2007, but have slowly developed and crafted a style that has become more experimental and adventurous with each release. Starting in a post-bop style similar to E.S.T., RGG or Keith Jarrett Trio this trio have continually branched out. Plaistow's last album, The Crow set the tone for what would come today. A mixture of soft tones and forward thinking themes. In some ways you could liken it The Necks. But slightly different than their Australian counterparts, Plaistow add a bit of melody into the mix. Melodic but moving. 

On the bands fifth release, Lacrimosa, they have achieved a combination of existential bliss and infectious grooves. Plaistow exemplify this with the two lengthy tracks that make up this spellbinding document. The title track moves gently in a revolving pattern that is reminiscent of The Necks or Philip Glass solo. Bourguenez has displays a steady yet fast coordination at the piano. While Ortis' bass melds into the notes like a calm heartbeat. As the piece moves into its middle stages Bondi's drums become more apparent and the trio starts to build on a groove. And just when you think it's going in a more song structured direction,  the trio stop cold and return to an ambient pace and ride you out to the finale.

The second piece, "Cube" is more uptempo (so to speak) with Bondi and Ortis being the focal point in open chords. The notes of circular but present almost an indie rock feel to them. Bondi hits the kit with fury and Ortis becomes almost haunting in what feels like a deep two note plucking. Bourguenez joins in late on to add a tanscendent tone to the piece. Then "Cube" begins to get very experimental with Ortis and Bourguenez stretching and bending the sound barrier on their instruments with swirling psychedelic and eerie effects. The piece closes on the rock theme note in which it opened. Stellar to say the least.

Plaistow are really finding their voice and developing into a band with great ideas. If you haven't discovered them yet, now is the time. Lacrimosa is an album that should not be missed. And if you are in a European country, you must see them live (and let me know about it). I only wish I had the chance. 

Plaistow - Lacrimosa (Live In Strasbourg, 17 nov 2011) from Plaistow on Vimeo.

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