Sunday, April 11, 2010

Christian Scott: Now For Something Different

Christian Scott (trumpet; b. 1983)
Yesterday you said Tomorrow (Concord)

Just a short entry today. I'm writing this one with very little knowledge, so if you are a fan please feel free to give us some feedback. I've been listening to the new Christian Scott album Yesterday you said Tomorrow (Concord). I don't own any other Christian Scott's albums and I wanted to check this one out because I've heard a lot about him. Christian Scott is one of a new legion of young jazz musicians with some serious chops and great vision. I haven't seen this much excitement surrounding a trumpeter since Roy Hargrove came on the scene a little over 20 years ago. He has been compared to Miles Davis which even he feels is a little overboard. I can hear some similarities within his compositions.

Yesterday you said Tomorrow is an eclectic blend of jazz, rock and funk themes that one first listen seem to be all over the place. When sat down with it again it really hit. Yesterday you said Tomorrow starts out emotionally deep with some terrific interplay between Scott, drummer, Jamire Williams and guitarist, Matthew Stevens on "K.K.P.D." The album highlights vision and complexity of society at large from the eyes and horn of Scott. His playing is touch-notch throughout, especially on my favourite track "Jenacide" which at times feels like I left a Keith Jarrett trio album on in one room and E.S.T on in another. This is gritty, thought provoking stuff.

Yesterday you said Tomorrow was a really cool discovery for me this week and now I'm really excited about checking out his previous albums and I think you should all do yourselves a favour and take a listen.

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