Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome Top Ten

Top Pop Culture Interests this week (no order):
1) Ian Rankin novella "A Cool Head" (author of the Detective Rebus series)
2) Scorebaby (great film soundtrack website: http://www.scorebaby.com/)
3) Elbow (wonderful band from Manchester)
4) Reaper (quirky CW tv show about Death's unlikely helper)
5) Arsenal Football Club (an interest every week actually)
6) The Bays (imagine 808 State, The Orb and Artful Dodger teaming up for a series of DJ nights)
7) Noi (Icelandic film from 2002: quirky, romantic and wierdly funny)
8) Stuart Macbride "Flesh House" (another detective novel)
9) Peter Mathiessen "Shadow Country" (a modern classic everyone should read)
10) The Powerpuff Girls reruns on Boomerang

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